The Beautiful Penis

Yeaaaaaa….  a little CBT on a Saturday afternooon… enjoy. :)

How do you send in photos to you?

Just send them straight in to Mona will receive the email and add your photos to the queue. At this time it’s quite long so you will be seeing them go live in about a month. An optional donation of $5 or more to the blog will move you up in the queue so you don’t have to wait to see them.

More pierced cock! Yes!!!


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Excellent piercing with a foreskin… and get this„, the guy is 72 years old! Looks great!

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Talk about “giving head”! ;)

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Today’s cock of the day… I really like this one a lot!! Look for him again in future posts… he sent more with his foreskin forward when he found out I’m a big foreskin fan! :)

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It’s now 100% official and law!

Rise and shine, sunshine!